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 Why hire me instead of a friend to shoot your wedding? Here's why

- A true professional photographer is the ability to shoot a great photograph anytime, anywhere, we make the photo not just shot a picture. .
 -Good photography is more than a fancy camera .  I know how to compose the shot beautifully ,then shoot it with the skill needed. It isn’t the camera that does this – it is me.

-Your friend or uncle won’t carry back up gear with them, we do. This means that if anything goes wrong with 1 camera then we always have another one with us. It also means that we will know what to do if a memory card corrupts or if the battery runs out we will always have a spare one.

-What if your friend is ill on the day? Will they have someone they can call in an emergency? We are a team of 2 photographers , one will always do more if one of us is a little sick. We'll ALWAYS show up for you.

-Friends  won’t know the flow of a wedding day, what happens when and where they need to be for the best shots. This only comes with experience
I know what to do when nothing goes as planned. It is the experience of being at 100s of different weddings that allows me to know just where to look and when. I know when I can sneak a shot of tender moments.
I know how to work in tricky lighting. I can walk into any room and know where the best spot is to stand and where the best light will be.  
I know how to deal with emotions, how to advise you on lacing that dress that looked so easy to lace ,  
how to get you calmed down when things don't go as planned. This takes years of experience and finding out what to say (and what not to say!) during a day when everyone’s emotions are sky high.
We are  committed to YOU and your wedding day.

-I shoot in manual – I tell the camera what it should be doing rather than allowing the camera’s sensors to make any decisions for me. So if you want that beautiful photograph of you and your new hubby  back-lit by a  beautiful sunset – you can only get that with a pro because the camera just can't correctly read that kind of light.

Hiring someone who has experience will most definitely help your stress level both before and during the wedding. The last thing you want to have to do  is figure out what your friend or uncle Joe is supposed to be doing!
We shoot with 2 High end cameras  as well as a back-up camera in case anything goes wrong. We also  will carry a multitude of lenses, flashes , video lights, spare batteries, memory cards as well as a whole host of other technical kit.

You get what you PAY for! Hiring a professional will ensure that you get the best. Whether it’s photos or cakes, etc, having someone who does weddings for a living will certainly give you the best results.

It may not always be the most ideal option to spend money on a professional, but really and truly, paying for a service makes SUCH a huge difference!

                         Will you risk your memories to save a few bucks?

 Carol Gillis
Carol's Photography