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The BEST Bridal Shows

To all the Brides and Grooms getting married next year, come out and take advantage of the best bridal shows with the most amazing PRIZES!!

Regina - Most Incredible Bridal Show...Sunday, October 22nd , 2017- 12 am -5 pm, Conexus Arts Centre,
check it out HERE

Regina - A Wedding Expo...Sunday, January 21st, 2018- 12 am -5 pm, EVRAZ Place,
check it out HERE

Dauphin - Parkland Bridal Show....Sunday, January 29th 2017- 12 am -3 pm, Ukrainian Orthodox Hall (8th Ave. Hall,
check it out HERE

Brandon Westman Wedding Expo.....Sunday, February 4th, 2018 – 11am to 4pm , Keystone Centre
check it out HERE

Regina  Bridal Aisle  .... Sunday ,Feb 25th, 2018 and time 1 – 4 PM,

The Hotel Saskatchewan at 2125 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK.

, check it out HERE