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Is Paying for a Pro Wedding Photographer Worth it? You Bet!

What difference does Experience make?
Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. The emotions and the story are non-repeatable. There is no “doover” if a photographer cannot adjust their settings to the light quick enough or if they are not anticipating the next event (a skill that comes only with experience)

Hiring an experienced photographer, although the cost may be slightly more than a new photographer, is worth every penny. It’s your wedding day. It’s your moments.
Will you risk your memories to save a few bucks?

Wedding days can be very stressful for everyone, things very seldom go as planned, but a professional photographer knows how to handle these situations and keeps the day gong smoothly. Most importantly making sure you both enjoy your special day.
We (Carol and Jimmy ) have several years of experience. 15 years to be exact. We are excellent at solving problems and successfully tackling any situation that comes up during the wedding day.

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Not looking for a wedding photographer? Please be sure to consider us for all your family photography needs and commercial projects.
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